Speed Plastics have substantial in-house High Frequency Welding technical and design skills to support product development, and we can manufacture to your own specifications. Quality is guaranteed to the ISO 9001 standard.

As well as High Frequency Welding, our other production facilities include Roller Cutting, Press Cutting, Ultrasonic Welding, Pressure Testing and CAD/CAM design and production.

High Frequency Welding production facilities

High Frequency Welding production facilities

Speed Plastics manufactures a wide range of specialist products from flexible plastics, which are used in the medical, surgical and furniture industries.

Products are made by high frequency welding of materials, often involving complex and intricate tooling and finishing using modern equipment and techniques.

We have a comprehensive range of High Frequency welding facilities, from small 1.5kw foot welders, 10 to 30kw shuttle trays through to our 80kw twin-shuttle welding machine having a 1600mm x 2700 heated platen and 1900 x 3000mm lay-up tables.

SPEED PLASTICS LTD's core business is High Frequency Welding of flexible plastics in the form of PVC, polyurethane films and polyurethane coated textiles, with a strong bias towards production engineering.

Speed Plastics are members of Medilink